Top 5 T³ Webinars From 2021

Posted 11/02/2022 by Sónia Reis

The start of a new year is the perfect time for setting new goals and prepping for the next few months of classes. Perhaps your goal is a large, year-long project, or maybe it’s a small, daily habit that you’d like to implement. Either way, one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is by having a list. If professional learning is one of your goals, we’ve put together a list to help you get started. Here are the top 5 most watched T³ Webinars from 2021. These sessions are all free and available on demand. So, watch these recordings on your schedule and at your own pace!

1. Computational Thinking and Coding in the Classroom

Speakers: Ramon Moorlag, Cathy Baars, Alexandre Gomes, Tonguç Özdaş, Uğur Mert, Yunus Emre Doğan

This is the third quarterly online Sharing Inspiration conference of 2021. Computational thinking and coding have already penetrated the curricula in the schools of most countries, but they may not yet be mainstream. Should these topics have the same priorities as language or science and mathematics? Could computational thinking be the vehicle for delivering 'thinking skills' in the classroom? What motivates young people to write a program?

2. Adding BBC micro:bit to Python Programming Environment

Speakers: Frederick Fotsch, Koen Stulens

The TI-Innovator™ Hub and TI-Innovator™  Rover are unique solutions for the STEM classroom. You will be able to also programme a BBC micro:bit v2 microcontroller with your TI-Nspire CX II-T or TI-Nspire CX II-T CAS handheld. With the version 5.3 commands to the Python app have been added to make it a convenient experience.

3. Why is ‘Energy the Elephant in the Room?’

Speakers: Franklin Neyt, Hans-Martin Hilbig, Markku Parkkonen, Cathy Baars and Harald Herzig

This is the fourth and final quarterly online Sharing Inspiration Conference of 2021. The expression ‘the elephant in the room’ implies that energy is a big important topic which makes people uncomfortable when discussing it. This session will look at ways in which we might teach about energy use and attempt to stimulate those discussions which are so difficult.

4. STEM Education for a Sustainable World

Speakers: Peter Balyta, Dr. Vladimir Garkov, Christine Buerki, Alexandre Gomes, Hans-Martin Hilbig & Veit Berger and Cathy Baars

This is the second quarterly online Sharing Inspiration conference of 2021. This conference aims to share activities and concepts which have been designed to bring Education for Sustainability in every Math, Science or STEM classroom. On top we will learn about the European Green Deal Agenda and its implications for the European Education Area.

5. Adding Turtle to Python Programming Environment

Speakers: Frederick Fotsch, Koen Stulens

Since its first launch, Python on the TI-Nspire CX™ technology is finding more and more friends. In the release 5.3. a library has been added which makes it easy to explore the beauty of Turtle graphing.

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