Sharing Inspiration 2022 - A touch of STEM

In 2022 the T3 Europe teacher network offered a special webinar series for STEM teachers. Inspired by scientists, each webinar showcased the beauty of STEM to inspire you as a teacher. Speakers from different countries shared curriculum aligned STEM ideas and practices that you do not find in textbooks. All webinars focused on application in the classroom!

Sharing Inspiration 2021

In 2021, the biennial conference Sharing Inspiration has gone virtual. This meant the conference was for the first time open to all European STEM teachers that wish to learn and exchange on STEM Education topics! Also, Sharing Inspiration offered year-round activities for teachers, such as quarterly conferences and monthly webinars.

Sharing Inspiration 2019

The 2019 conference theme was “The Power of Realization”. The conference theme has a double meaning: “to realize” in the sense of “to understand” and also in the sense of “to make something concretely happen”, reflecting pedagogical efforts around “Coding” and “Making”.

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Igniting Serious STEM Education 2017

Building on the strong heritage in math and science education, expanding into Coding and Making, taking a holistic view on curriculum integrated STEM education.

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Sharing Inspiration 2015

“Beyond Sharing inspiration: 21st Century Teaching and Training Skills”

Focus topics have been the integration of technology throughout the learning process, efficiency of formative assessment and collaborative learning, teaching and learning with dynamic computer algebra and real world investigations.

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Sharing Inspiration 2013

“Sharing Inspiration: 21st Century Teaching and Training Skills”

The further professionalization of the T³ instructor base by exploring the research findings of the EdUMatics project and applying them to the T³ work has been major topic . Other topics were Lua Script on TI-Nspire™, results from T³ Europe Science pilots, science and engineering education and formative assessment questions.

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Sharing Inspiration 2008

“Exchanges between European TI-Nspire™  communities”

T³ instructors across Europe exchanged about multi-modal learning processes, the teaching opportunities of mutiple representation technologies and the future of assessment in mathematics.

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Sharing Inspiration 2007

“Exchanges between European TI-Nspire™ Pilot Network Teachers”

The conference focused on sharing experiences with TI-Nspire™ pilot classes and new pedagogical possibilities of multiple-representation technologies for teaching, learning and assessment.

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