The Power of Realization

Brussels, March 28-31, 2019

The conference theme has a double meaning: “to realize” in the sense of “to understand” and also in the sense of “to make something concretely happen”, reflecting pedagogical efforts around “Coding” and “Making”.

Sharing Inspiration 2019 was held over 4 days in total:

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Agenda Highlights

  • The M in STEM – the link between S, T and E
  • Real World Investigations: Science - The S in STEM
  • Coding Skills for Maths and Science Classes
  • Concept understanding by “Making” with TI-84 Plus CE-T/TI-83 Premium CE
  • “Making” with TI-Nspire™
  • Technology update with pedagogical perspective
  • Classroom activities - Teaching with technology in practice