Classroom activities on sustainability

Several T3 Europe instructors have developed ready to use classroom activities and content focused on STEM and sustainability. The activities cover a typical lesson of 1-2 hours that you can fit in your curriculum however you choose. New classroom resources will be added every month.

Creating a sustainable future through education

Sustainability is a hot topic. The UNESCO has started the program Education for Sustainable Development to empower learners. Also, many students seem concerned for the environment and other social and societal issues. STEM education can play an important role in creating a sustainable future. Understanding issues relevant to sustainable development requires mathematics, including statistics and programming.

Available activities

Rover, a Sm@rt Wheelchair 

Developing a robotic prototype for controlling the movement of an electric wheelchair, only with head movements.

A Healthy Classroom

Classrooms are mini ecosystems with their own climate. Learn to implement an automated environmental measurement system.

The Right Lighting is Important...

Sufficient lighting of the workplace is important for fatigue-free work and maintaining the health of the eyes. Excessive lighting of the workplace not only strains the eyes, but also the environment in an unnecessary way.

Solar Tracker Panels

An activity on simulating a sun tracker to optimize the orientation of solar panels. Your students will work on finding a way to optimize the position of a rectangular solar panel to follow the sun’s path during the day, assuming the panel is supported on the ground.

Modelling Increase in Rainfall with Temperature 

Rise in global temperature will lead to increase in rainfall. Thermodynamics helps to predict the future.

Estimating the Earth’s Albedo

Earth’s albedo determines amount of solar radiation reflected by Earth’s surface. Carry out a lab exercise to measure Earth’s albedo using a light probe and coloured paper to resemble different surfaces.

Understanding climate change

Mankind has been upsetting the Carbon Dioxide balance for the last two hundred years. It is no surprise that this has an impact on many parts of the biosphere and plays a part in global warming. This work contains 5 complete student experiments involving the use of CO2.

Garbage in the classroom

The 'Garbage in the Classroom' project shows how students can engage with a real STEM activity in a structured way. Learning objectives include design, programming, presentation skills and group work. Technical automation involves applying scientific knowledge and using engineering principles to find solutions to the tasks.