Profile of TI STEM Labs

A TI STEM Lab school is typically a secondary school with a strong focus on STEM education that exceeds the standard levels for mathematics, and— depending on particular school type — physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering and technology. The school provides the structural, organizational and financial capabilities to participate in such international project. TI STEM Lab Network teachers are proficient beyond the average in terms of subject understanding, technology usage and eagerness to learn and share.

TI STEM Lab schools explore new integrative ways in math, science, computer science and engineering education. The multiple representation capabilities of portable graphing technology will be used to advance student understanding, exam success and societal participation, in now and over the long term. The network serves as platform to exchange practical experience on national and international level. Knowledge transfer happens in means of professional development and by dissemination of educational content.

What do we mean by “STEM”?

The term STEM is used in a broad sense. It is a holistic descriptor for STM, STEM, STEAM, STREAM, MINT, MINDT and other comparable concepts. At the end, every TI STEM Lab defines the meaning of STEM education by its concrete work, following what’s practically possible within the given constraints of school type (general or vocational education), concrete curriculum and exam requirements, and financial and organizational possibilities. The common element among all schools is that they approach the subjects seeking connections and integration, not in isolation..